LDTA’s dance teams have been created to provide the dedicated and serious dance student with a positive and encouraging environment in which they can grow and excel in technique, artistry and vocabulary whilst simultaneously developing life skills such as teamwork, focus, commitment and goal making. At LDTA we value the process of teaching and learning and we encourage our dancers to appreciate all accomplishments in themselves and others. LDTA’s team directors work together to support each other and each dance team member. The directors will provide opportunities to enhance the student’s knowledge of the world of dance from creative choreographic assignments, master classes, conventions, dance galas, community performances, field trips and competitions.
In order for the team to be successful each member must be extremely committed. By joining one of these groups the families agree to participate in a 10 month program (September-June) and to attend all required dance classes, competitions, conventions and performances. Not only are the young dancers expected to have healthy positive attitudes with 100% attendance, but parents are expected to play an active role in providing support to their particular group, which may include fund raising, planning, carpooling, etc.
Required Classes.
Each dancer will be evaluated at the team audition and will be placed into the correct classes and teams for their level. It is mandatory that all required classes be taken at LDTA in order for attendance to be easily tracked and to ensure all group members are receiving the same level of quality training. The directors need to be able to expect that all dancers will have uniform training in their technique.
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Additional recommended classes Tap, Broadway Bound, Hip-hop, Stretch and Strengthen and Tumbling.
What is in store for 2013-2014 Season?
LDTA’s Dance Teams will participate in conventions, master classes, dance performances and competitions.
What is a Dance Competition?
Dance competitions present an opportunity for dancers to practice their performance abilities. At a dance competition, students perform their dances and are judged on their performance quality, dance technique, precision, and timing. They are usually judged against a point system or standard, and do not necessarily compete against other groups directly. These events can literally last all day depending on the number of dance teams competing. The judges tally the points and give the dancers constructive and positive
feedback on audio CD’s and score sheets.

Competitions inspire the dancers to perform to the best of their abilities and give the dancers something to work for. They present a wonderful opportunity for children to learn how to handle both winning and losing with grace and humility, ultimately providing them with greater self-confidence in all aspects of life.
What is a Dance Convention?
A dance convention is a weekend-long event. Conventions offer an array of classes with various master teachers from across the nation. Dancers get to experience different points of view in technique and explore a range of dance forms, usually including ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap, hip hop and others.  Dancers are challenged by trying new movements and learning diverse choreography and inspired by seeing and meeting other dancers their age who share their passion for dance. 
What is a Dance Performance?
A dance performance is where the teams dance at special non-competitive events such as charity galas, community holiday events and local programs.
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