The Loft Dance Theater Art’s new approach to bringing high quality children’s theater to the Reno community, combines acting, voice, and choreography classes with with stage productions.
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Something For Everyone!
Shoot For The Moon offers opportunities to our Reno youth who are interested in shining onstage and backstage. Each production teaches the 'whole picture' and promotes the idea that 'the stars do not shine on stage with out somebody flicking the switch!'. We encourage kids to join the stage school who are interested in design, props, sets, costumes, makeup, charity work, community connections, promotional ideas, lighting and sound. Our budding techies are included at every rehearsal and play an integral part in making the production a success. Read 'How to get involved' below.
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Shoot For The Moon Stage School is open to every child between the age of 5-17 years in the Reno community. Stage School students are not required to be enrolled at The Loft Dance Theater Arts but we encourage those who want dance roles to take a dance class at The Loft or another local studio.
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How to get involved?

Techie and Backstage Team
All students wishing to be a part of this dedicated team should call 775-762-5376 to talk directly with Jeanette. You must be available and committed to three hours each Saturday during the rehearsal period and be present at each show.

Onstage Team
You must be available to commit to each of your Saturday rehearsals and all performances.
Two missed rehearsals and you can not participate in the show. No refund on Stage School class/performance fees.

All roles are cast at the audition.
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Shoot For The Moon Stage School  2016 Productions


Shoot For The Moon Stage School

Students will not only go through the common process of simply remembering the lines, lyrics, blocking and dance steps required to perform in a show but they will actively learn and develop techniques in relaxation, emotional response, memorization, improvisation, character development, vocal exercises, timing, movement through character choices and all of the elements the students need to succeed as proficient and knowledgable theater actors, singers, dancers and open minded, creative people.

Shoot For The Moon students range from 5-17 years of age. Productions are cast through an audition process. Prior to the casting audition the students are led through an audition class that includes developing skills and ideas in 'how to overcome nerves', 'present your best self', 'expectations', 'dealing with disappointment and success' and 'why you should shoot for the moon'.

Shoot For The Moon Stage School is modeled on England's finest and most successful children's theater program 'Stage Coach' with whom Jeanette Conkey worked and taught for. Their success lies in their standards of honoring the process of learning combined with the product of production. LDTA is the only dance studio in Reno to offer such a unique program directed by professional arts educators who share a passion and dedication to the artistic health of our youth and providing high quality children's theater to our families and our local community.