The Little Star Dancers Program started 13 years ago by owner and teacher Louise Merchant, has become very successful and has been implemented into several pre-schools throughout the local community.

Louise is very excited to be bringing her pre-school dance program to
The Loft and is looking forward to meeting your little dancer!
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All Payments for the above classes made to Little Star Dancers.
Call 775-771-5363 for more info

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In our preschool dance classes your child will learn to move, create shapes with his/her body, and pantomime using proper technique that is developmentally age-appropriate and specific.
There are many benefits for young children who take our preschool dance classes:
- Increased body awareness, kinesthetic comfort and ease
- Improved alignment, flexibility and neurological patterning
- Emotional and social growth and development
- Greater self-esteem and autonomy
- Linguistic and aural (listening) skills enhanced
- Beginning understanding of academics such as math, reading, spelling and science
- Approaches ‘classroom skills’ necessary for school experiences, such as taking turns, following directions, listening, sharing and communicating needs and feelings
- Develops early creative expression

Classes are available for boys/girls ages 2 – 5 years old.
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Twinkle Twos & Threes: 2-3 years
Theater Express: 4-5 years

Each class will be a wonderful first approach to dance. In a 45 minute class your child will explore the rhythmical joys of tap dancing, dance like Angelina ballerina, and release energy in an upbeat modern class. Each class will focus on creative dramatics which builds on the necessary gross motor skills for primary dance instruction. Students will engage in dramatic music movement, learn introductory ballet steps and discover new ways of moving as they explore the elements of dance. Through the magic of dance, dancers will enjoy moving to music from around the world, dancing with colorful props, and acting out stories and poems!

Preschool Boys Dance: 3-5 years

Does your son love to dance and move? This 45 minute class each week will cover either ballet, modern, tap and creative movement. These classes are a great way for him to learn new moves, release energy, and have fun! Boys can greatly benefit from the concentration, coordination, and strength that dance builds.
At the end of the year there will be a recital where your superstar can perform on stage and show everyone their new moves that they have learned!