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Preschool Dance Display
All 2-5 year old Daytime dance and 3:45-4:30 Theater Express classes
Saturday, May 20

Flights of Fantasies end of year showcase
Rehearsals Friday June 12 & Saturday June 13 times TBA
Performances Sunday, June 14
3:00pm & 6:30pm
North Valley’s High School Theater
This includes all levels from 1-10

Tickets $15 adult and $12 child/Senior
Text 775-544-2170 for reservations - they are going fast!!

Summer Break
Closed June 15-26

Summer Classes, workshops, camps and intensives
June 29 - August 1

Summer camp early registration begins Monday, March 9

Artown Performance
Tuesday, July 7

Studio Closed
August 3-14

Classes Resume for the 2015-16 Dance Season
August 17
Introducing our little learners to the magical world of dance

Tuesday (Pre-School Dance w/ Miss Jeanette)
9:30-10:15am 2-3yrs
10:45-11:45am 4-5yrs

Wednesday (Pre-School Dance w/ Miss Jeanette)
9:30-10:15am 2-3yrs
10:45-11:45am 4-5yrs

Thursday (Twinkle Twos w/ Miss Louise)

Dance students rotate between Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Creative Movement/Voice/Acting. One style per week. Each style ignites a different feeling within our students but focuses on developing the same gross motor skills (Gallop, Skip, Hop, Spring, Jump) and fine motor skills (Finger Play, Left and Right coordination and Cross Body Brain Stimulation). Skills are taught as a primer for all higher level classes offered at The Loft, into which the child graduates at the age of five or six.

Class Structure

Through creative, relevant ideas and developmentally age appropriate exercises the preschool performing arts student is drawn into a world of imagination and storytelling, making sense of their intrinsic desire to express, play, move and learn.

-Ballet introduces french vocabulary and the basic primary techniques of classical dance; Plie,Tendu, Chase, Saute, Temps Leve and Port De Bras. Movement quality focuses on grace, poise and control.

-Jazz introduces body isolation, limbering, fitness and the basic jazz fundamentals; Kick, Spin, Leap, Floor Work, and Combination Steps. Movement quality focuses on strength, power and force.

-Tap introduces rhythm, rhythmical phrasing and a primary tap vocabulary; Toe Tap, Heel Beat, Shuffle, Stamp, Step and Ball Change. Movement quality focuses on clarity of sound, tone and balance.

-Creative Movement/Voice/Acting introduces the three elements of dance; Space, Time and Energy. Through the use of high quality children's literature the children dance, sing and act out the stories. Thoughts and feelings are discussed and offer the child a chance to explore the characters, plots and outcomes. The emphasis of these classes are on creativity, problem solving and social skills.


$55 45 minute class
$60 60 minute class

Dance attire: leotard and skirt, ballet and tap shoes. We recommend Judy's Dance Shoppe 15 Foothill Road #2, Reno, NV 89511

Call Jeanette 775-762-5376 for more information.
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All Loft attire is stocked at Judy's Dance Shoppe CLICK HERE for more information.

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Boys Dance Too!!

Celebrate our boys in the dance world! Check out this great site for boys dance wear and inspiration.

Please click here to visit Jeff Isaacson's amazing photo gallery of Loft events.
- Jeff Isaacson Photography -

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